Launching in June 2011, the Groomed Man is an evolution of JDH Enterprises Ltd, an online retail company that has been in business since 2009, in order to meet the needs of men across the world, looking for alternatives to the cheap shaving products found on the high street. Tradition lies at the heart of our company, with many of the brands we sell having been on market for decades, and one – D.R Harris – being around since the 18th Century. The tradition goes hand in hand with high-quality luxury products that are a cut above your high street brands.

Alongside our tradition and luxury, the Groomed Man is an environmentally conscious business. The majority of our products are sourced entirely within our home country of the UK, minimising any travel time the products take to arrive at your door. This is alongside matching the EU’s strict regulations about ingredients to further guarantee the quality of the product you receive. Not only this, but most brands use natural ingredients where practical, with a newer brand, Sweyn Forkbeard, offering a range of shaving creams, soaps and beard oils that are entirely organic and vegan friendly.

Based in the town of Rugby, the Groomed Man stores all our stock within a singular location, allowing for any sale to be dispatched within a single working day. Not only that, but Rugby’s central location makes it the crossroads of the UK, helping ensure our products get delivered swiftly, no matter where in the country you live.