Perfumed Sachets

What are perfumed sachets?

Perfumed sachets are paper envelopes that contain granules infused with specially blended perfume oils that will give off a pleasant fragrance for 3-4 months.

How are they used?

There are many uses for these sachets including:-

  • Place sachet in a coat cupboard to create a welcoming scent.
  • Keep a bathroom smelling fresh by hiding a sachet behind the toilet.
  • Have sweet-smelling dreams when you place a sachet under your mattress or bed.
  • Create fresh-cut fragrance by hiding a sachet behind silk plants.
  • Place near vents or on radiator to circulate sweet scent.
  • Slide a sachet between the bin and bag liner to keep odors at bay.
  • Open envelope and add contents to vacuum compartment or bag. Vacuum will diffuse the scent!
  • A sachet helps keep luggage fresh while traveling!
  • Pet areas smell fresher when you place a sachet near cat litter box.



We sell a number of different brands, with Bridgewater Candles Sweet Grace being the most popular.  Other popular fragrances include, Baby Powder, Classic Linen, Sea Spray, Apple Spice & Cinnamon and roses.

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