Autumn Fragrances

Now Autumn is upon us, it is time to leave behind those fresh flowery fragrances of summer and switch to a more autumnal scent.

This Autumn season look for fragrances that echo natural materials like wood, sage and leather. When temperatures drop think of rich smooth notes of vanilla, warm notes of sandalwood and amber and musky notes of tobacco.

Suggested shaving cream/ soap fragrances for Autumn

Sandalwood: A classic from a number of manufacturers: A rich woody blend of exotic sweet scented sandalwood and cedar

dr-shave-beech-marl-100Marlborough from DR Harris:- a classic English fragrance which is a subtle blend of woods including cedar and sandalwood

Spanish Fig & Nutmeg from Bath House:- Warm spicy notes of Spanish fig, nutmeg and clove resting on a base of sandalwood, cedar and exotic patchouli oil

Cedarwood from Taylor of Old Bond Street:- A rich, harmonious woody fragrance lifted by grapefruit and crisp pepper supported by a heart of precious woods


Suggested home fragrance for Autumn

Pumpkin: – The sweet, creamy combination of pumpkin puree with warm notes of butter and sweet vanilla cream with memories of pumpkin pie

cb-40081Leather & Cashmere by Stone Glow Candles:- A fusion of rich woods, leather and suede. Indulgent sandalwood, saffron and jasmine accords, lie on a decadent base of precious amber and cashmere musk

Peppered Pomegranate by Pintail:- Luxurious notes of rich smoky wood and aromatic black pepper are combined with ruby red pomegranate, forest fruits and a hint of patchouli.

Fig, Amber and Musk by Stone Glow Candles- Fruity, woody and warm. A sumptuous blend of delicious fig, cassis and sweet berries rest on a warm base of fragrant cedarwood, exotic amber and sultry musk.



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