Bad hair day – is your comb making it worse?

Below is a list of common issues people may experience with their hair.  There are many different reasons for these issues but your choice of comb could be making matters worse.

1. Static
Does your hair look like a close encounter with a balloon?

crshscKeep away from plastic combs that make static worse. A comb made from wood or horn will not generate static electricity like a plastic comb does.  Combing with a horn come helps balance the hairs electrical charge. Also, combs with wider teeth are better to keep static away. Fine teeth can create more friction in your hair that causes electrical charge to build-up faster.

2. Split ends
These are the result of damage to your hair. This damage can be from many sources: heat, combing, washing or colouring. When you damage your hair, the outer layer starts to peel away and is more prone to breakage and splitting.

Cheap plastic combs are made using injection molding and are not generally sanded or polished, which means that the edges are not smooth, meaning they will catch and pull your hair. So choose a comb that is smooth and will not pull, ideally a wide tooth is better.

3. Dull hair
There are many reasons for dull hair and a number of different treatments available, but before spending money on expensive treatments think about your choice of comb.

A horn comb has the same molecular structure as your own hair (Keratin).  Which helps make your haidr-beard-comb-rosewood_lrg_1_r silky and shiny.

The fibres in a wooden comb help to spread the natural oil around for healthy hair which stops your hair from drying out.

But using a metal comb tends to wipe the natural oils away from the hair since metal is a non-porous material and very hard.


4. Sensitive or sore scalp
A sensitive scalp is a scalp that feels itchy and irritated. Several factors, such as pollution, stress or even products that are too harsh can cause the scalp to become increasingly sensitive.

A metal or cheap plastic comb can be rough on the scalp but a good hand-made plastic comb is often made using a saw cut.  The surface of the teeth is flat, making the comb move through your hair more smoothly. Check the tips of your comb, rounded tips prevent the comb from scratching your scalp.

Wooden combs are soft and often polished giving them a soft feel so being easy on the scalp

The horn combs tend to be heavier than a plastic comb and this massages the skin and this helps to improve the blood circulation which helps to maintain healthy roots.

5. Recap
Cheap plastic combs often cause a buildup of static and may cause split ends

horn-combA horn comb works with the natural oils in your hair to produce healthier looking hair and helps improve blood flow.

A wooden comb also helps to spread your natural oil around for healthy hair and they are often soft and polished and so being easy on the skin.

A metal comb may be the most durable of the types of comb but can be rough on your scalp and can wipe away your natural oils

6. Recommendation
Use a comb made from natural material such as horn or wood.  For a range of combs check out our website







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