Tips on moustache care this Movember

To keep your moustache looking at its best and prevent it from becoming scratchy you need to keep it well trimmed, hydrated and smooth.

Wash your moustache with warm water and some shampoo.
Use a fine-toothed comb to detangle your facial hair and keep it even.
Use a small pair of moustache scissors to trim, using the line of your lip as a guide.

How to stop your beard itching.
Using a beard oil on your moustache will help to hydrate the hair and keep it soft. It will also moisturize the skin underneath and help to keep it healthy and reduce irritation and itching. Also, as it softens the hair it can be used as a styling agent.

If itching still persists or you have particularly dry skin, then a balm might work better for you. Beard oil is absorbed quickly and easily but a beard balm will sit on the hair and skin longer giving you an added layer of moisturizer. This will also give the hair a lasting shine making it look stronger and healthy.

A beard comb is recommended along with a little wax. These will help shape your moustache and even it out filling any gaps and preventing it from looking ‘fluffy’. There are a lot of different waxes and clays available and it is often down to personal choice which to use.


Using a good face scrub to remove any unwanted food or dead skin cells building up in your moustache, particularly in the early stages is recommended. It is also recommended to wash your moustache regularly with a beard shampoo or soap.

So to maintain a healthy moustache and prevent itching, make sure you comb it and use beard oil or balm.

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