Shaving soap VS Shaving cream

Reasons why you should use a good quality shaving soap or shaving cream

It reduces nick and cuts. Using a soap or cream makes your skin nice and soft which means that it is more elastic. This means you use less pressure with your razor to get a close shave. Less pressure means less chance of cuts.

It reduces razor burn. Razor burn happens when you cut off the top layer of skin, but not enough to make it bleed. Its just enough for the lower layers of skin to get irritated. The lather from you soap or cream will prevent your razor from removing this top layer of skin.

It nourishes your face. Many soaps and creams have special ingredients to nourish and moisturise your face. Look out for added ingredients such Aloe Vera, Glycerine and Shea butter.

It softens hair. Soaps and creams will help to soften the hair making it easier to cut with less effort.

Shaving Soaps.

When referring to a shaving soap we are talking about a hard soap. There is a wide selection to choose from: triple-milled, hard soaps that aren’t triple-milled and semi-hard soaps.


Pros of shaving soaps

A shaving soap provides extra lubrication while shaving and moisturises the skin at the same time. Generally, the longer you mix the richer the lather will become. This in turn gives better protection for your skin leading to a much more comfortable shave.

For a good result you need to get your whiskers as soft as possible, which means removing all the oils from your skin. A thick soap lather is a great product for doing this.

Cons of shaving soaps

To be able to get a good lather from your soap you will need to invest in a shaving brush. See our guide to choosing a shaving brush.


Also, you will need to invest in a shaving mug or bowl.

It can take time to work up a thick lather so if your morning routine is busy this may not be the option for you.

Shaving cream


Pros of shaving creams
No extra equipment required

It is quick and easy to apply

The scent with a shaving cream tends to last longer that with a soap

Pros of shaving creams/foam from a can.
Cheap and easily available.

Cons of shaving creams from a can


Much harsher on skin than the other more moisturizing options.

Sometimes contains dubious ingredients that can cause irritation.

Be aware that when using shaving cream from a can over time the ingredients and chemicals contained in the can will be harsh on the skin. This makes it less efficient in softening the hairs with continual use. Some of these ingredients include propylene glycol, mineral oil, and propellants such aspropane, butane and isobutene.


The benefits of using a shaving soap or cream results in a closer more comfortable shave with fewer nicks and cuts and less irritation. Also, it moisturises the skin leaving it soft and smooth.

The main difference between soap and cream is the extra equipment needed when using a soap. But often which is better is down to individual preference.

A word of caution when considering using a shaving cream/foam from a can. Although cheap and easily available it may not give the desired results over a longer period of time. Also consider all the chemicals that your face is being exposed to.

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