What is beard oil and why should you use it?

A premier beard oil is a combination of carrier oils end essential oils,
Carrier oils
These are all-natural oils extracted mainly from nuts and seeds and are primarily used for diluting essential oils. But they do have other benefits. Each carrier oil has its own benefits to the skin and hair. Some of the most popular carrier oils include coconut oil, jojoba oil and almond oil.
Essential oils
These help to give your beard a wonderful fragrance. Some oils have excellent antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
Why use a beard oil?
Improved hydration
A beard oil will both hydrate the skin and help to soften and tame your beard hair. This moisturising effect will help style your beard and keep it looking smooth. It will also help to eliminate flakes (also called beardruff). Its not only about the health of the beard but also the health of the skin underneath. A beard oil with help protect your facial skin from the environment, (such as air pollution)
Reduces beard dandruff
One way to treat beard dandruff is to use the same treatment that you use on your hair. The problem with this is your beard hair is very different from the hair on your head. Using harsh hair products can rob the beards natural oils. This can cause dryness thus not helping beardruff.
Reduces Itching
One of the main reason men give up growing a beard is that after a few weeks the itching and scratching drives them to distraction. Rather than give up and shave it all off a beard oil will solve this itching. With regular use you can say good bye to split ends and itchiness.
Improved appearance
Using a beard oil will make it easier to comb. This helps to release tangles making it look less straggly. Giving you that well-groomed look.
_AMG_3894Reduces bald spots.
Bold spots occur because the skin where the beard grows is not healthy. It has a skin condition preventing the hair from growing.
A therapeutic-grade beard oil with ingredients known for their healing properties is recommended. The oil will moisturise the facial skin. This will help ease symptoms that are preventing the beard hair from growing.
By tackling the root of the issue, beard oil promotes healing within the hair follicles. This leads to healthier, less patchy growth.
Beard oil is the difference between having a beard that looks like you’ve not been bothered to shave for a few months and having a soft, untangled, well-maintained beard that shows you as a well-groomed man.

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