The Groomed Man | How to stop your beard itching

So you have spent time and effort growing your beard. The problem is that the itching is driving you mad. Before you reach for the razor and shave it all off check out our tips below. Tried and tested methods to reduce that itch.

Make sure your wash your beard.

Through out the day you beard will pick up debris from food. It essential that you remove this. You can use a normal shampoo but often this will strip your beard of its natural oils. It is better for you to use a dedicated beard wash or shampoo.

beard shampoo bar

Recommendation: The Brighton Beard Company The Miller’s Beard Shampoo Bar

Condition your beard.

You can do this by either using a in shower conditioner like the conditioner you use on your hair. Or use a dry live in conditioning balm. A good quality balm with nourish your beard and help repair it and also prevent split ends. It will also help improve the density of the beard.

A beard balm is also used to help style your beard.

beard balm

Recommendation: Keltic Krew Chieftain Beard Balm – 50ml

Moisturise your beard.

A beard oil will moisturise and soften your beard. Not only will a beard oil moisturises your beard but it will also soften the skin underneath. This is important as it will help look after the skin and prevent it drying and flaking. Thus reduce the changes of beard dandruff. This will all help to reduce itching.

beard oil

Recommendation: Captain Fawcett Beard Oil – Ricki Hall

Brush or comb your beard.

Brushing your beard will help the hair all grow in the same direction. This helps to prevent in growing hairs and reduce the itch. Your beard is different to the hair on your head so you need a different brush or comb. When choosing a brush you need one made from natural boar bristles. With a comb choose one made from horn. Using a natural product will help distribute your beards natural oils. This helps to promote healthy beard growth.

beard comb

Recommendation: Dr Dittmar Horn Beard & Moustache Comb – Large

Look out for ingrowing hairs. Ingrowing hairs should be removed with tweezers to prevent further irritation

Finally looking after your health and eating right can have a big impact on your beard.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep and relax. Also keep hydrated by drinking lots of water. Also there is evidence to suggest that having a diet that’s rich in vitamins and minerals is good for both your body and your beard.

So to summarise the best way to maintain a healthy beard that does not itch is keep it clean, conditioned and moisturised. You should brush or comb it often and look out for ingrowing hairs


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