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Tips on shaving with sensitive skin

Do you suffer from shaving rash or razor burn? This might be because of sensitive skin or it might be other factors.

Check out our guide below for tips on how to get the perfect shave.


The first step to shaving, is to soften your hair beforehand, making shaving easier. One way to do this, is by using warm water, or shaving after a hot shower. Another way is to use a pre shave oil or cream to soften the stubble before shaving, helping to give a smoother shave.


The Blade

A good quality sharp blade is essential for a comfortable, smooth shave. Because of this, it is important to change the blade often to stop it becoming dull.

Also you must consider the amount of blades being used. Cartridge type razors tend to use 3 or 5 blades at once, whilst a double-edge safety razor comes with only one. Less blades passing over the skin means less change of irritation or cuts.

Finally, make sure you rinse the blade often. This prevents it clogging, giving a better glide over the skin. This results in a more comfortable shave.



Use a light stroke, letting the blade do the cutting. Don’t pull or tug at the hairs. Also make sure you shave with the grain. That is the with the direction of the hair

Good quality shaving soap or cream

Another important factor is your shaving cream or soap. It is tempting to use a can of shaving foam that is widely available

The problem is, they tend to be much harsher on skin than the alternatives.

The ingredients and chemicals found in these sprays can cause irritation and become harsh on the skin over time.

Good quality soaps and creams are kinder to the skin, helping to moisturise and even soften the skin. They are also available in a wide variety of fragrances. Some soaps and creams are even formulated for sensitive skin. The choice between a shaving soap and a shaving cream is down to simple preference. Neither one has a greater chance of avoiding irritation than the other.


After care

The traditional alcohol based aftershave can be harsh on the skin. It is important to invest in good quality aftershave balm, lotion or milk without any alcohol. Not only are they unlikely to sting, but they are designed to sooth the skin after shaving. They also act as good moisturiser for dry or chapped skin.

aftershave milk


Finally, for very sensitive skin, it is best to shave every 2-3 day not every day.

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