Want a kissable beard? Here’s How.

kissable beard

Having a beard doesn’t have to be rough and scratchy making it unkissable.  Read below of tips on how to make your beard gentler and more kissable.

First impression

Does your beard give the right impression? Is it well-groomed? Do you look smart or do you give the impression that you haven’t washed in a week?

Having a beard that is well maintained is the priority.  This means in needs to be neat and tidy and trimmed.


Your beard needs to look clean and be fresh smelling.

A point to consider is that shampooing puts a lot of strain on the beard. This strips out natural oils that keep your beard healthy and moisturised. So try to limit this to once or twice a week.

A dedicated beard wash/shampoo is better as it’s gentler on the beard helping to keep it looking good.beard-shampoo-bar

Brush or comb you beard

Brushing your beard will help the hair all grow in the same direction. This helps to prevent in growing hairs and helps it look more presentable. While brushing look out for spilt ends.  These can be trimmed.

Your beard is different to the hair on your head so you need a different brush or comb.

When choosing a brush we recommend one made from natural boar bristles. With a comb choose one made from horn. Using a natural product will help distribute your beards natural oils. This helps to promote healthy beard growth.
Moisturise your beard.


Use a beard oil or balm

A women doesn’t want to kiss a man with a prickly or scratchy beard. So to stop this happening you need to use a beard oil or balm. This will help it to look smooth and it will give it a softer feel.

Using a beard oil or balm will both hydrate the skin and help to soften and tame your beard hair. It will also help to cut flakes (also called beardruff)

Using an oil also will help style your beard as it is easier to comb. This will help you look well groomed.

A good quality beard oil or balm with also give a great scent that lasts for hours.


The key to a kissable beard is to look after it by washing it with beard shampoo, using a natural brush or comb and use a beard oil or balm.

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