Eco-friendly shaving

The use of single use plastic has been in the news a lot recently. You are being encouraged to ditch the single use carrier bag and the single use coffee cup. But have you considered your shaving routine? Do you use a disposable razor that you throw away after a few uses? Or do you use a cartridge razor where you are throwing away the plastic head?

Have you thought about an old fashioned double edge safety razor instead?



  • Metal handle that lasts a lifetime
  • Metal blades not plastic
  • Gives a better, closer shave
  • Blades are cheaper than a cartridge, although initially the razor is more expensive.

A safety razor is both great for the environment, and used with a good quality shaving cream or soap, you get a better shave. A win-win situation.

The safety razor is also suitable for all areas of the body. This makes it suitable for men and women.

What about you shaving cream or gel?


Do you use an aerosol can? Manufacturers may use a variety of ingredients, including hydrocarbon propellants like butane or propane. These chemicals are not good for you or the environment. The can, however, is often made from a mixture of steel and aluminium so is recyclable.

As an alternative, you can buy shaving cream in a pot or tube or buy a hard shaving soap. There a wide range of fragrances available, from masculine sandalwood and cedarwood, to the more feminine lavender or rose. This gives them universal appeal.

Things to look out for when buying a cream or soap.

Does it contain palm oil?

The issue with palm oil is that it is linked to mass deforestation. Try to look out for brands that are sourcing palm oil sustainably. DR Harris is one company that uses RSPO certified sourced palm oil.

List of ingredients

Check the ingredients for toxic chemicals. Sweyn Forkbeard produces creams that are 100% Natural & Organic, without alcohol, parabens, sulfates or any inorganic chemicals. This is both goodfor the environment and your skin. It is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


Consider if the packaging the cream or soap comes in is recyclable. Most creams are sold in either a soft plastic tube or a hard plastic pot. These are not always recyclable. When buying a shaving soap refill check if it is sealed in a plastic wrapping, as this is not often recyclable. Many soaps are now sold in a cardboard box, which is recyclable. DR Harris’s refill soaps come in such a box.

The Groomed Man recommendation

Merkur 34C safety razor

safety_razorbuy now

An ideal all round heavy duty safety razor. It has a short, knurled effect handle, giving you a firm grip even when wet. The razor screws apart, allowing for the easy replacement of blades.

DR Harris Arlington shaving soap and Beech wood bowl

arlington soap

This beech wood shaving bowl is an attractive addition to any bathroom. Its comes with an Arlington fragranced luxury shaving soap, a delightful blend of citrus and fern.

DR Harris sell 6 different fragranced shaving soap refills for the bowl. These are sold in a card box with no cellophane wrapping

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