Guide to choosing the right hairbrush/comb

There are many different types of brushes and combs on the market, but which is the right choice for you?

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You need to decide the reason for having a brush or comb and then choose the best fit from there.

Detangling your hair

A wide toothed comb is ideal for detangling your hair and can be used on wet or dry hair. It also works well with curly hair. It allows you to detangle without too much damage to the hair.

Alternatively, you could use a detangling brush. These have specially designed bristles to help separate the hair rather than ripping through it. There are many different styles on the market, so consider if you would find it easier using a brush with a handle

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Parting hair into sections

A comb is your best choice here. Ideally, a rattail comb as this has a long thin handle, making sectioning your hair easy. The narrow teeth also make it easy for smoothing strands

Basic go-to everyday brush

The paddle brush is ideal for everyday use. It will quickly detangle hair with ease and comfort. It is your basic everyday brush. It has a flat wide rectangular surface that allows it to move easily through your hair. It provides very smooth results and will help flatten out frizz.


If you’re looking to produce major volume and a little curl, then you want a round brush. They offer tension and control over your hair making them the preferred choice of stylists. You can get them in wood or metal. The good thing about wood is that the barrel doesn’t become overheated.
They come in many different sizes. The smaller the brush the tighter the curl.

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Quick blow-dry

A vented brush helps speed up your drying time since it allows the air to pass right through and can reach your strands from all angles. It is ideal if you want it fast but not perfect.

Adding Volume

Using a teasing brush is the easiest way to lift your roots to create a fullness effect. It is ideal for teasing your hair and creating texture. But this method can be a bit harsh on your hair so it shouldn’t be used too often or avoided if you have very fine or fragile hair.

Simple Hair style

The military brush is ideal for simple hair styles such as the slick back style.
This is a handle-less brush that fits into the palm of your hand. It usually has a groove around the perimeter of the back to make it easy to grip.


Brush Bristle

When choosing your brush you need to decide upon the type of bristle. You can choose from natural boar, nylon or a mix

Boar bristles


The boar bristle has the same structure as our hair and is able to hold moisture. It can help remove dirt and also distribute your natural oils from the scalp to the ends of your hair. The bristles also provide a massage for your scalp. This will increase blood flow to your hair follicles, helping you produce thicker, shinier hair. It will also help reduce frizz and static.

The boar bristle will bring out the natural texture in both straight or wavy hair


The boar hairbrush is not designed to be used on wet hair as it will tug and damage your hair, making it unsuitable for styling.

A boar hairbrush doesn’t work as well with thick or coarse hair and it doesn’t work well with tangles.

Boar brushes can be expensive but should last longer.

Synthetic Brushes

Synthetic brushes are most often made from nylon


A synthetic brush is ideal for handling thick or tangled hair.  It works through those tangles easier than boar bristle.

They are ideal for the styling wet hair.

Synthetic brushes are man-made making them suitable for people not wishing to use animal products.

They are easier to clean.

They are an affordable option.


Synthetic brushes may increase the static in your hair

They are not recommended for thin hair, as they may damage the cuticles of the hair.

Mixed brushes

A mixed brush is a combination of both natural boar and synthetic and combines the best of both.



You get the sheen and lustre effects of the boar as well as the detangling abilities of the synthetic

Combination brushes are a great all-round brush and are suitable for most people but especially those with long and/or fine hair.


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