Face masks & your beard

From Monday, June 15th you are required to wear a face mask/ covering when using public transport

So how does this affect you and your beard? Is it still effective or should you be thinking of shaving it off?

The virus is believed to spread through respiratory droplets, mainly from the cough or sneeze of an infected person.  So, a properly looked after beard may not have any effect either way when it comes to the virus.

But what about the effectiveness of face masks & respirators? Respirators and some types of face mask need to be properly sealed for them to work correctly. So tight-fitting masks can be rendered ineffective by facial hair that disrupts the area where it seals along the wearer’s face.

Cloth and homemade masks do not require a seal and could be used despite the presence of facial hair.

So in effect, the wearing of the type of masks recommended and having a beard is not an issue

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