Have you considered the alternatives to a can of shaving foam?

Advantages of using a can of shaving foam

It is easily available from supermarkets, chemists and other outlets

The cost is also relatively low.

Issues with using shaving foam.

The foam produced contains a lot of air which will produce a good quantity of foam at the cost of quality. While it does the job of lubricating the skin for shaving, it often gives poor results which may lead to a shaving rash. Over time with continued use, it will also dry out the skin.

Although the cost of a can is relatively cheap it doesn’t last long. Also often a moisturiser or aftershave balm needs to be used adding to the cost.

Alternatives to a can of shaving foam

Luxury shaving cream


Good quality creams produce a much thicker lather than foam. The lather can either be produced using a shaving brush or by wetting your fingers. The resulting lather will help soften your beard resulting in a more comfortable and close shave. The good quality lather allows your razor to glide effortlessly over your skin, producing a smooth comfortable shave. This will result in a better outcome with much less risk of a shaving rash. Many good quality creams have added ingredients such as glycerine. This helps moisturise the skin to prevent drying out and leaves your face smooth.

Good quality creams are harder to find on the high street so often they need to be purchased online. Although they are more expensive to buy than a can of foam, the cream can last 4 – 6 months


There are a couple of environmental issues to consider. Many of the creams are sold in plastic containers which have an impact on the environment. Also to avoid the use of chemicals other ingredients such as palm oil is used. This can have a negative impact on the environment depending upon the source of the oil. Some companies such as DR Harris use palm oil from RSPO-certified sources.

A luxury shaving soap


Like good quality shaving creams, a luxury shaving soap will produce an excellent lather. Unlike the shaving cream, a little more effort is required to produce the lather. However, it is not like the days of old when your granddad would have had to spend time and effort whipping up a lather. It is a simple process with the use of a shaving brush.

Again like the luxury cream the shaving soap will help soften the beard while shaving allowing for a smooth and comfortable shave.

With shaving soaps they are often sold in a cardboard box which is recyclable. Many companies have disposed of the shrink wrap around the soap so reducing waste. At the same time, companies like Sweyn Forkbeard use 100% natural and organic ingredients. This is better for the environment and also your skin.


Although a can of foam is cheap and easily available it will not necessarily result in the best shaving experience. A quality shaving soap or cream may take a little more effort but the resulting shave will provide you with better results.




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