Male vs Female Razors: What’s the Difference?

What Type of Razor?

First, a clarification. This article will not be discussing Safety Razors, which have no significant difference between men and women’s razor. Nor will we be discussing Electric Razors. Instead, we will be discussing the type of razors that are most easily brought on the high street, such as Gillette Razors and other, similar brands.

Why is there a Difference?

Some of you may currently be asking yourself: ‘Why is there a difference between men’s razors and women’s razors? Don’t they do the same thing?’ This section of the article is for you.

On the most basic and general level, yes. This is correct. A men’s razor and a women’s razor is designed for the same function: To carefully cut through hair close to the skin, without actively cutting the skin in question. When we start looking into the specifics however, this comparison starts falling apart.

Let’s start with an easy question: Where is the Razor typically used? For men, the answer is the face. For women, the answer is the legs and armpits. From these answers, multiple differences in role arise, which shall be covered in a later section. The next question of importance asked is, where is the razor used? For men, the answer is typically in front of a sink with a mirror. Women meanwhile, often shave in the shower or on a seat, without a mirror to work with. Again, two distinct answers bring with them different needs from the razor.

These differences are small, subtle even, and hard to notice without careful inspection. However, these differences can add up to big results.

The Handle

One of the most noticeable differences between a man’s razor and a woman’s razor is the handle. A man’s razor tends to be rather simple and straight. A woman’s razor meanwhile, tends to be slightly curved and often has grips added to it as well. Why is this?

Well, as covered previously, a man shaves their face. Which is typically a relatively flat and easy-to-access location. They don’t need much help in this regard. A woman meanwhile, shaves difficult places, such as the armpit, as well as more curved areas, like the legs. Here, the handle of a women’s razor allows them a better grip on the razor when held in a multitude of ways, allowing them access to these difficult spots. Additionally, women often shave in the shower, meaning the handle will get wet and slippery, requiring the grips. Men’s razors meanwhile, typically only get a little wet, not requiring a grip to counteract the extra slippiness.

The Head

While the handle is the most noticeable difference, the head of the razor is important as well, and there are a number of differences to be found here.

The shape of the head is the more obvious difference between men and women’s razors. Again, because of the curved nature of the areas that women normally shave, they have rounded heads in order to better fit the curves. Men’s razors consequently have completely square heads, because they don’t need this help. This rounded head can also help pull the skin taut, and help a woman cut through the hair they are trying to shave.

Another difference in the head of the razor includes moisturizing. The skin of a men’s face is normally rougher and tougher than the skin of a female’s legs or underarm. This means that a woman’s razor often has solid moisturizers built in it, or perhaps two different moisturizing strips. A men’s razor meanwhile, only has one moisturizing strip at most, and sometimes goes without one entirely.

Other differences include the rotation of the head – again, females have harder areas to shave, so their heads tend to have greater rotation. As well as the angle of the blade. Men’s razors have a greater angle because the hair they shave is tougher and coarser than the hair a female typically shaves, requiring a greater angle. Using a shallow angle for a female’s razor helps avoid cuts and nicks. Women’s razors also typically dull quicker, as they are used on a larger area than what a men’s razor covers.


With a variety of differences between a men’s razor and a female razor, one must consider carefully before deciding which razor to buy. Some women will find the cheaper men’s razors completely acceptable to shave with. Others will find themselves having difficulty with this simply razor, and reach out for the razor designed for them instead. It is simply a matter of trying them out and deciding for yourself.



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