beard oil

How to use Beard Oil

What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil

As the name suggests beard oil is an oil that you use on your beard. Its purpose is to moisturise the hair and soften the skin underneath. It adds nourishment to the beard and skin helping to keep your beard healthy.

It’s made up of two core ingredients: A carrier oil such as grapeseed or jojoba which makes the bulk of the product; and essential oils like almond oil, which give the oil its scent

We wouldn’t recommend you use an alternative like sunflower oil as this is thicker and will leave your beard looking greasy.

Why should I use Beard Oil?

Facial hair can be coarse and spiky which can result in itchiness, also it can be prickly to anyone closeup. Using beard oil will help soften the beard, helping reduce itchiness. It also makes it easier to comb and style, helping you look perfectly groomed.

Using beard oil will also help moisturise the skin underneath the beard, helping to keep it in good condition, reducing any flaky skin, and help reduce patchiness.

Oils come in a range of fragrances helping you smell fantastic all day without the need for aftershave or cologne.

When should I apply Beard Oil?

Ideally, first thing in the morning after washing your face or showering. This is because the pores will be open at this time, making it easier to absorb the oil. After that, any time it feels dry or itchy.

How to apply Beard Oil?

With a good quality oil, only 3 or 4 drops are needed. Too much and your beard will look greasy. When purchasing your oil, get one with a pipette making it easier to apply.

Put the drops on to the palm of your hands and massage them into your entire beard in a downward motion. It works better if your beard is damp.

Make sure you cover the entire beard.

For a longer or thicker beard using a comb will help with an even distribution


Using beard oil daily will help your beard look and feel healthier, as well as help you achieve that perfect style.

The Groomed Man Recommendation

The London Beard Company beard oil. – This is a British made 100% natural oil with a base of Argan oil. Scent: Velvet Wood – A classic scent of sandalwood and bergamot

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