How to take care of my beard


Be patient

It takes time to grow a beard, so be patient. Resit the urge to trim the beard within the first 4-6 weeks. This allows for even growth as hairs will grow at different rates.

Match Your Beard to Your Face Shape

After the first month, you need to decide upon the style and shape of your beard. Check out our blog for help deciding which beard suits you. Having the correct style will help you and your beard look better.

Wash It Regularly

Washing regularly is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy beard, especially in the early stages. Use a specialist beard wash or shampoo. This is important as the hair on your head is different to the hair on your face. Take care not to rub too hard when drying with a towel as this will lead to split ends and frizz

Use beard oil

Beard oil is used for many reasons. To hydrate your beard, to keep it soft and manageable, and making it easier to brush and comb. This results in a better well-groomed look. Oil will both help with beard dandruff and reduce the itchiness

Learn to Train Your Beard

A regular trim will help maintain the shape of your beard. But also brush or comb daily to detangle and encourage the hair to grow in the direction you want.

Fuel Up

There is little evidence that certain foods or vitamins will make your beard grow faster. However you do need amino acids and protein in your diet to grow hair.

Equipment needed

Beard comb or brush

Brushing regularly helps to detangle the beard keeping it looking well-groomed. Also, it will encourage the hair to grow in the direction required. Often it is personal preference whether you use a brush or comb. For a bigger, fuller beard then a brush is recommended.

The Groomed Man recommends 

The Groomed Man birchwood beard comb

wooden beard comb

Using a comb made from wood rather than plastic will help reduce static


You have a number of choices when trimming your beard. An electric beard trimmer, scissors (hairdressing scissors not kitchen scissors) or a razor.

Which method you choose will depend upon how often you trim and how much. The cost is also another important consideration.

The Groomed Man recommends

Wahl GroomeEase 11 Piece Performer Trimmer Kit

Whal beard timmer

A cordless beard trimmer for easy of use. Includes 5 clip-on combs in a variety of lengths for that perfect beard

Beard wash or shampoo

A dedicated wash or shampoo for your beard is recommended as this will not strip your beard of its natural oils.

Oil and/or balm

Both are designed to soften the beard helping it to be more manageable. They soften the skin under the beard. A balm is thicker and stays on the beard longer giving more of a moisturise of the skin, so it’s preferable if you have particularly dry skin. Beard balm has a waxy texture and will help if you wish to style your beard. There are many brands around in many fragrances. So it’s personal preference, but you may wish to consider a brand that uses natural ingredients.

The Groomed Man recommends

The London Beard Company natural beard oil – Velvet Wood

A beard oil made in the UK with 100% natural ingredients


For a healthy well-maintained beard, wash regularly with a specialist shampoo. Comb or brush daily and use good quality oil or balm.


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