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How to get the best shaving experience

For many men, shaving is an uncomfortable experience, with the risk of cutting themselves or suffering from a shaving rash. Here at The Groomed Man, however, we know just how to make the difficult task of shaving and make it into an easy, comfortable experience while still getting you that close shave. Below is a list of steps to follow in order to have the best ever shave:

Step 1


First, one needs to prepare their face for the shave. By washing one’s face with warm water, or better yet, shaving after getting out of the shower or perhaps even in the shower. This can help soften the hairs and make it easier to cut, while also opening up the pores on your skin, reducing the chance of any uncomfortable tugging and ingrowing hair. For individuals with naturally thick or coarse hair, or men that haven’t shaved in a while, we recommend using a pre-shave oil to further help soften the hairs.

We also recommend that you exfoliate – removing dead skill cells from the top layer of skin.  This can be done by using a specially brought face scrub, or by using a shaving brush when applying your shaving soap or cream.

Step 2

Apply the shaving cream, soap or gel.

While there is a wide choice of shaving creams, soaps and gels that can be found on the market to chose from. The Groomed Man simply must recommend good quality products such as the famous Taylors of Old Bond Street shaving range, rather than the cheaper stuff found at the supermarket. The higher quality products further helps moisturise and soften the skin when applied, allowing for a closer, more comfortable shave.

For more information see our shaving creams guide.

Step 3

The razor

Undoubtedly the most important part of the shave, the difference in quality between a cheap disposable razor and a good quality blade can never be understated. Not only that, but it is important to keep good care of your blade, rinsing it often to keep it clean, and swapping it out when it starts growing dull.


As for the shave itself, be careful not to shave where you don’t have a good lather, as that would lead to sensitive skin and cause irritation. Try using a light stroke as well, letting the blade glide across the surface, so that you don’t accidently pull or tug at any hairs. Finally, do shave in the direction that feels most comfortable for you, but try and avoid shaving over the same area again and again and again, as this too can lead to irritation.

wet shaving

Step 4


The simplest step, we recommend that you rinse everything away afterwards with cold water, as this will help close the pores and keep bacteria out. Don’t forgot to pat dry with a towel when you’re done.

Step 5

Apply aftershave

For the final step, we recommend staying away from the traditional, alcohol-based aftershave, as they can be rather harsh on the skin, making any spots of irritation even worse. Because of this, good quality non-alcoholic creams & balms is the way to go. Not only to help avoid the sting of alcohol, but instead soothing the skin and helping it relax. They can also act as a good moisturiser for individuals with dry or chapped skin.

In Conclusion:

  • Soften the hair with warm water
  • Apply a good quality shaving cream
  • Shave using a sharp razor
  • Rinse and apply aftershave


Pre shave oil – Simpsons

Cream – Taylor of Old Bond Street

Razor – Merkur 34C De Safety razor with Merkur blades

Aftershave – Simpson post shave balm

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