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Summer Holiday Grooming

We are now approaching summertime and the time for our holidays. When the kids are out of school and we travel across the globe to make the most of the Sun. A time of fun, excitement and adventure but, just because it is the holidays, does not mean that grooming suddenly becomes less important. If anything, deodorants, aftershaves and colognes become far more important than before! Which begs the question what can I take on a plane and brings up the point of this blog.

If you are flying across the world, what products can you take with you on the flight?

Hand Luggage vs Hold Luggage

With the availability of the cheap flight and having to pay extra to have your luggage in the hold you need to be aware of the restrictions in place for taking your grooming products on the plane

For hold luggage, there are no grooming products that cannot be stored and taken with you on the plane in the hold. For hand luggage, however, you will need to read more below.

hand luggage

Liquid Vs Non-Liquid

The biggest distinction between items that can be taken into the cabin and what must go into the hold is if an item is considered liquid or not. Objects that are liquid are generally not allowed in hand luggage. There are exceptions to this, but first, we need to define what a liquid is.

To quote the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA of the USA – A liquid is ‘Any product that can be pumped, squeezed, spread, smear, spray or spill’. That means, for example, shaving cream is a liquid, as it can be spread and smeared. Shaving soap however, while similar, is not a liquid. Any type of spray deodorant, even alcohol-free ones, are liquids. So are roll-on deodorants, stick deodorants meanwhile, are not. Toothpaste, and other gel-like substances, count as liquids, while floss is likely not.

what is a liquid

That being said, this does not mean that liquids are banned. It’s simply that they have severe restrictions on how they can be taken into the cabin and how much of it is allowed. If you wish to take grooming products that count as liquid, you will have to follow these points:

  • The liquid can only be stored in a container of up to 100ml.
  • The liquid and its container must be stored in a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag. Which holds no more than a litre and measures approximately 20cm x 20cm
  • This bag must be able to be sealed without knotting or tying.
  • 1 plastic bag per person.

Furthermore, you will likely be required to show this bag to airport security. But as long as you fit these requirements, it is possible to bring liquid grooming products with you as hand luggage.


These like liquids are restricted to 100ml. This means the size of the container when full, so you cannot take a larger used aerosol and claim only 100ml is left.


After sorting out what is and isn’t liquid, the final restriction you will face for grooming products is that of shaving razors.

Razors with cartridge heads, such as those sold by Gillette, are allowed as hand luggage. So are disposable razors as long as they are still in their packaging. Any double-edged blades, including your more traditional razor blade, are banned outright.



All liquids must be in containers of up to 100ml and stored in a single resealable plastic bag.

Cartridge razors are OK to take on the plane but not double-edge razors and blades

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