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  • Shaving soap VS Shaving cream

    Reasons why you should use a good quality shaving soap or shaving cream

    It reduces nick and cuts. Using a soap or cream makes your skin nice and soft which means that it is more elastic. This means you use less pressure with your razor to get a close shave. Less pressure means less chance of cuts.

    It reduces razor burn. Razor burn happens when you cut off the top layer of skin, but not enough to make it bleed. Its just enough for the lower layers of skin to get irritated. The lather from you soap or cream will prevent your razor from removing this top layer of skin.

    It nourishes your face. Many soaps and creams have special ingredients to nourish and moisturise your face. Look out for added ingredients such Aloe Vera, Glycerine and Shea butter.

    It softens hair. Soaps and creams will help to soften the hair making it easier to cut with less effort.

    Shaving Soaps.

    When referring to a shaving soap we are talking about a hard soap. There is a wide selection to choose from: triple-milled, hard soaps that aren’t triple-milled and semi-hard soaps.


    Pros of shaving soaps

    A shaving soap provides extra lubrication while shaving and moisturises the skin at the same time. Generally, the longer you mix the richer the lather will become. This in turn gives better protection for your skin leading to a much more comfortable shave.

    For a good result you need to get your whiskers as soft as possible, which means removing all the oils from your skin. A thick soap lather is a great product for doing this.

    Cons of shaving soaps

    To be able to get a good lather from your soap you will need to invest in a shaving brush. See our guide to choosing a shaving brush.


    Also, you will need to invest in a shaving mug or bowl.

    It can take time to work up a thick lather so if your morning routine is busy this may not be the option for you.

    Shaving cream


    Pros of shaving creams
    No extra equipment required

    It is quick and easy to apply

    The scent with a shaving cream tends to last longer that with a soap

    Pros of shaving creams/foam from a can.
    Cheap and easily available.

    Cons of shaving creams from a can


    Much harsher on skin than the other more moisturizing options.

    Sometimes contains dubious ingredients that can cause irritation.

    Be aware that when using shaving cream from a can over time the ingredients and chemicals contained in the can will be harsh on the skin. This makes it less efficient in softening the hairs with continual use. Some of these ingredients include propylene glycol, mineral oil, and propellants such aspropane, butane and isobutene.


    The benefits of using a shaving soap or cream results in a closer more comfortable shave with fewer nicks and cuts and less irritation. Also, it moisturises the skin leaving it soft and smooth.

    The main difference between soap and cream is the extra equipment needed when using a soap. But often which is better is down to individual preference.

    A word of caution when considering using a shaving cream/foam from a can. Although cheap and easily available it may not give the desired results over a longer period of time. Also consider all the chemicals that your face is being exposed to.

    See our range of creams and soaps

  • 13 Interesting facts about beards

    1. The world’s longest beard belonged to Norwegian Hans Langseth.  In 1927 it stretched to 5.55m or 17ft 6in


    2. There are around 30,000 whiskers encompassing your face

    3. On average, a man’s beard will grow 5.5 inches per year

    4. Beards grow faster in the daytime than the night-time.

    5. Beards can add an extra layer of protection from infections. While bacteria naturally exist on the skin, shaving can create openings that bring in the bacteria and lead to infections and ingrown hairs. Not shaving can also reduce acne flare-ups.


    6. Pogonophobia, is the fear of beards.

    7. Trouble breathing? A beard may help if you suffer from things like pollen or dust allergies. It some cases it can work like a filter to keep them from settling, must like the hair in your nose.

    8. Dihydrotestosterone is the chemical that promotes both beards and balding among men. Seasonal changes affect its level in the body, making for bushier summer beards.

    9. The average moustache will trap a pint and a half of beer ever single year.


    10. The average man wastes 4.5 months – or 139 full days – shaving. Imagine what you could do with that time instead?

    11. Beards and wisdom seem to go hand-in-hand, and have for hundreds of years, if not more. Just check out the likes of Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, and Shakespeare – who all sported beards.

    12. The first adverts for personal razors didn’t appear until the 1760s. Funnily enough, much of their wording was surprisingly similar to ads of today, with lots of references to steel, tempering, swords and battle. Two particularly fighty models were called the “Scimitar” and the “Damascus”.

    13. Beards grow faster when you have not had sex for a while

  • Tips on moustache care this Movember

    To keep your moustache looking at its best and prevent it from becoming scratchy you need to keep it well trimmed, hydrated and smooth.

    Wash your moustache with warm water and some shampoo.
    Use a fine-toothed comb to detangle your facial hair and keep it even.
    Use a small pair of moustache scissors to trim, using the line of your lip as a guide.

    How to stop your beard itching.
    Using a beard oil on your moustache will help to hydrate the hair and keep it soft. It will also moisturize the skin underneath and help to keep it healthy and reduce irritation and itching. Also, as it softens the hair it can be used as a styling agent.

    If itching still persists or you have particularly dry skin, then a balm might work better for you. Beard oil is absorbed quickly and easily but a beard balm will sit on the hair and skin longer giving you an added layer of moisturizer. This will also give the hair a lasting shine making it look stronger and healthy.

    A beard comb is recommended along with a little wax. These will help shape your moustache and even it out filling any gaps and preventing it from looking ‘fluffy’. There are a lot of different waxes and clays available and it is often down to personal choice which to use.


    Using a good face scrub to remove any unwanted food or dead skin cells building up in your moustache, particularly in the early stages is recommended. It is also recommended to wash your moustache regularly with a beard shampoo or soap.

    So to maintain a healthy moustache and prevent itching, make sure you comb it and use beard oil or balm.

    Check out thegroomedman.co.uk for a full range of beard & moustache care products



  • The 5 essential items needed for a beginner to traditional shaving

    Below is a guide to the equipment you will need if you are new to traditional shaving

    The Razor


    When talking about traditional wet shaving we are talking about a razor that your grandfather’s generation would have used, either a “safety razor” or a straight razor. Not one of the plastic handled 5 bladed products from the local supermarket.

    For a beginner it is recommended to use a “safety razor”

    A “safety razor” is traditionally of metal construction and uses a single replacement blade.  These blades are also very economical.
    There is a wide choice of “safety razors” available to choose from


    Points to consider when choosing a razor

    The best quality razors come from the Solingen region of Germany

    Handle length is normally short, typically 75mm or large typically 95mm.  It’s a personal preference

    Handle style.  The common type of handle is plain metal often with a pattern to help improve the grip, but there are also a range of coloured handles and some made from wood or plastic

    Adjustable heads: twist the handle to one of its settings and you can change the angle of the blade inside the razor head for the desired shave

    The blade

    There many manufacturers offering blades and it is recommended to buy a branded blade as the offer better quality.

    Shaving Soap or Shaving Cream


    When thinking about traditional shaving we are not thinking about canned foam from the supermarket, we are considering protecting and lubricating the skin with a much higher quality

    of soap or cream. They are often produced to moisturise and sooth the skin making the razor glide easily producing a better quality of shave with less irritation.



    Points to consider when choosing your cream or soap

    Both shaving cream and shaving soap are designed to soften the hairs while providing protection from your razor blade.  Which you use is often down to personal choice.

    There are a variety of different soaps and creams available and come in a range of fragrances, Sandalwood being one of the classics.


    Shaving Brush


    A shaving brush is used to lather your shaving soap or cream. Some people will lather using

    their fingertips, but it is much easier with a brush.




    Points to consider when choosing your brush


    Can be made of a coarse boar bristle, badger hair (available in 3 grades) or synthetic.  You can also get a mix of boar and badger.  As a beginner you can’t go far wrong with a pure badger hair shaving brush (economy grade)

    The handle

    The most popular handle is synthetic. Advantages of the synthetics are moisture resistance, colourfastness, and breakage resistance.

    Wooden brush handles can split without appropriate care, so they should be allowed to drip dry in a "bristle downward" position after use.

    Handles come is a variety of different shapes and styles and which one is best is down to personal preference. With an important decision being the length of the handle

    You can get a variety of colours but traditionally them come in black or ivory.


    Drip stand

    The use of a drip stand for your brush will help prolong the life of your shaving brush by allowing it to dry between uses. Often the brush will be sold with a drip stand.

    Styptic pencil or alum block

    These are both astringent and antiseptic and are excellent for immediate remedy of nicks and cuts

    Bowl (optional)

    Tshaving_bowlhere are number of different styles of shaving bowl on the market. The reason for a bowl is to make it easier to produce a lather with you soap/ or cream. I would recommend a bowl especially if using a soap, but once again it is down to personal preference.




    Other items

    There are other items associated with the traditional wet shave such as pre-shave oils and gels, and aftershaves and balms.  These have their place but they are not essentials for a starter kit


    The recommended kit you need for traditional wet shaving

    Razor such as the Merkur 34C Double Edge Safety Razor Short Handle

    Soap or cream such as Taylor Of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Sandalwood

    Shaving brush, Drip stand and shaving bowl such as Cyril R. Salter Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush Black - Small

    Styptic pencil




























  • Bad hair day - is your comb making it worse?

    Below is a list of common issues people may experience with their hair.  There are many different reasons for these issues but your choice of comb could be making matters worse.

    1. Static
    Does your hair look like a close encounter with a balloon?

    crshscKeep away from plastic combs that make static worse. A comb made from wood or horn will not generate static electricity like a plastic comb does.  Combing with a horn come helps balance the hairs electrical charge. Also, combs with wider teeth are better to keep static away. Fine teeth can create more friction in your hair that causes electrical charge to build-up faster.

    2. Split ends
    These are the result of damage to your hair. This damage can be from many sources: heat, combing, washing or colouring. When you damage your hair, the outer layer starts to peel away and is more prone to breakage and splitting.

    Cheap plastic combs are made using injection molding and are not generally sanded or polished, which means that the edges are not smooth, meaning they will catch and pull your hair. So choose a comb that is smooth and will not pull, ideally a wide tooth is better.

    3. Dull hair
    There are many reasons for dull hair and a number of different treatments available, but before spending money on expensive treatments think about your choice of comb.

    A horn comb has the same molecular structure as your own hair (Keratin).  Which helps make your haidr-beard-comb-rosewood_lrg_1_r silky and shiny.

    The fibres in a wooden comb help to spread the natural oil around for healthy hair which stops your hair from drying out.

    But using a metal comb tends to wipe the natural oils away from the hair since metal is a non-porous material and very hard.


    4. Sensitive or sore scalp
    A sensitive scalp is a scalp that feels itchy and irritated. Several factors, such as pollution, stress or even products that are too harsh can cause the scalp to become increasingly sensitive.

    A metal or cheap plastic comb can be rough on the scalp but a good hand-made plastic comb is often made using a saw cut.  The surface of the teeth is flat, making the comb move through your hair more smoothly. Check the tips of your comb, rounded tips prevent the comb from scratching your scalp.

    Wooden combs are soft and often polished giving them a soft feel so being easy on the scalp

    The horn combs tend to be heavier than a plastic comb and this massages the skin and this helps to improve the blood circulation which helps to maintain healthy roots.

    5. Recap
    Cheap plastic combs often cause a buildup of static and may cause split ends

    horn-combA horn comb works with the natural oils in your hair to produce healthier looking hair and helps improve blood flow.

    A wooden comb also helps to spread your natural oil around for healthy hair and they are often soft and polished and so being easy on the skin.

    A metal comb may be the most durable of the types of comb but can be rough on your scalp and can wipe away your natural oils

    6. Recommendation
    Use a comb made from natural material such as horn or wood.  For a range of combs check out our website







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