Kent Hand Made Beard and Moustache Comb (81T)


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This Kent 81T Beard and Moustache Comb is a high quality hand made tortoise shell comb. Each tooth is cut by special circular saws, profiled, bevelled and hand-polished on pumice wheel.
The 73mm fine teeth are perfect for grooming, trimming and maintaining facial hair.



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Kent has been manufacturing brushes for over 240 years. They are renowned for there passion for bristle brushes. The bristle is sourced from the finest bristle merchants in India and China, where quality is guaranteed. Timbers are chosen from sustainable forests throughout the world, selected for their beauty, grain, colour and suitability to be shaped, drilled and polished. Rubber cushions are selected for softness and strength, comfortable for delicate scalps but strong enough to be durable and withstand years of use. Plastic quills have carefully rounded ends to tease their way through tangled hair without pulling or tugging.
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