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Merkur 25C Double Edge Safety Razor Open Comb Long


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This Merkur classic razor has an extra long handle (4″/ 95mm) making suitable for everyone especially those with large hands, but is also lightweight weighing only 59 grams.

The razor is chrome plated and has a knurled handle making a firm grip and has an open comb guard making it suitable for coarse or heavy beards.

The razor can be simply screwed apart to change blades, making hygienic cleaning fast and easy, and it uses standard double edge replacement blades making it economical to use.

This razor is made in Solingen Germany which is renowned for is excellent quality craftsmanship and is sold in a box with one Merkur safety razor.




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Merkur has existed for more than 120 years.  Based in Solingen Germany they manufacture high-quality shaving equipment. Merkur products are unsurpassed for quality of materials and workmanship
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