Solid Cologne UK Travel Tin – Choice of Fragrance



Alex, Felix, Kahn, Magnus, Malcom, Sikandar, Valentin, Xavier

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solid cologne


This Solid Cologne is handmade in the UK. It is a highly concentrated wax-based cologne that is perfect for travel.
It’s natural and moisturizing and is so easy to apply. It is handy and convenient to travel around with compared to liquid cologne/ aftershave in bottles.
A great way to smell and feel fresh on the go.


Alexander: Fresh Sweet Aromatic

Felix: Sweet Spicy Pleasant

Kahn: Classic Fresh Woody

Magnus: Clean Fresh Spicy

Malcolm: Fresh Citrus Musky

Sikandar: Warm Spicy Sweet

Valentin: Fresh Clean Sensual

Xavier: Fresh Clean Masculine



Solid Cologne UK

Men’s Solid Cologne UK Products & Gifts Online

Solid Cologne UK is a solid wax based cologne/aftershave for men. In contrast with the traditional liquid bottle cologne, we introduced a natural wax and skin-friendly cologne which is applied directly to the skin. The original idea was based on those who travelled often and had a problem of spilling the liquid colognes or often were not allowed to take them on board with their hand luggage
solid cologne
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